Successful experiences

Presented by Mr. Alfonso Alcántara



With this inspiring title, Alfonso Alcántara entertainingly talks to us about people who have succeeded in difficult circumstances, and how it was PSP (purpose, sacrifice, patience) which differentiated them.


According to Malcolm Gladwell “any goal can be achieved with a dedication of 10,000 hours”.


Alfonso likes to mention that those 10,000 hours must be used to “reinvent” ourselves, and he offers us the 4 keys to success: Motivation, goals, approach and support.



People who are or have been successful, are those who haven’t stopped searching for what they want. They are especially motivated, as in the case of the famous Spanish you tuber @jpelirrojo, who worked for years on the night shift at a petrol station while he was training himself using Internet tutorials, or Esther Sanchez, who, at the age of 16, found her passion in confectionery, and created a brand called chocolatisimo.com, or Michael Sayman the youngest Facebook Fellow who began programming at the age of 13. Although sometimes there are young people who don’t really know what they want to spend their life doing, Alfonso says that you shouldn’t wait around for a calling, rather you should construct one.


Another quality is that these people set themselves specific goals, so they are aware of the specific steps that must be taken. The third key is the approach, and the experience of others who have been successful is a good way to start. The fourth and last key are “supports”, as it is important to have people who will help us make our first jump, or small jumps.


We are introduced to two young people, Iván and Julián, who have achieved their own success from difficult starting points: Iván, who is of Ecuadorian origin, was in juvenile detention serving a sentence, when he found the support and guidance he needed to change his life. Currently he has his own family and a job, and he tells us about his goals for the future. Julián, 21 years old, who comes from Jamaica and had a difficult childhood, also served a juvenile sentence and found his motivation (his 2-year-old daughter) to get on and improve his life. Through a vocational training programme. He was encouraged to find the necessary stability to carry out voluntary activities and network. Both gave us two pieces of advice: never stop chasing your dreams, and feel that it is time to change, that you are ready for it.


Ms. Regina Otaola, the Director of ARHMI (the Community of Madrid Agency for the re-education and reintegration of young ex-offenders), also took part in the discussion, highlighting the keys to the successes of the young offenders programmes currently being carried in the community of Madrid, in Spain.

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